Street lighting policy: Have your say

From Lincolnshire County Council, via the Parish Council:

Impact of the Part Night Street Lighting Policy

In April 2016, the County Council began a street light transformation programme, in a bid to save £1.7m per year from the £5m annual street lighting budget. As a result of the   changes, around 42,000 streetlights, mainly in residential areas, are now switched off between midnight and 6am.

A scrutiny panel of councillors is now carrying out a formal review into the impact of part
night lighting, looking at topics including the environment, crime rates, fears about safety and crime, emergency services, health and public health services, the impact on businesses and the night-time economy. Continue reading


Phone box garden under attack!

martin_phonebox _gardenAttack_150But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. Yesterday, on my way into Woodhall Spa I was presented by the horrible sight of blokes in hi-vis gear digging up the tiny garden next to our rejuvenated phone box and defibrillator station.

By the time I got back, the garden had all but disappeared, replaced by a hole in the ground, with one man fishing around in it, observed with interest by four or five colleagues leaning on temporary safety barriers. To judge by the number of vans parked up, I thought this must be a major emergency. A conversation ensued in which I found out that the job was to restore the nearby street light, and I was assured that the garden would be made good once it was done. Continue reading