Annual Village Meeting: Have your say and have some fun

Last year the Kirkby on Bain Annual Parish Meeting attracted a record number of local people and invited guests, filling the primary school hall in Wharf Lane almost to capacity. Martin, Penny and I have been busy since then planning this year’s event, now called the annual village meeting, scheduled for May 18th, starting at 6.30 pm.

Once again children from the primary school will be top of the bill and they are working right now on their opening routine. The details are a secret of course but I have an idea that music might be involved.

Other highlights will include a bake-off, a local photographic display, an open forum, refreshments and guest presentations, including a keynote address by international motorcycling champion and local hero Steve Plater.

Let’s fill that hall once again! Download full details

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Annual Village Meeting: Update

From the Kirkby on Bain Annual Village Meeting sub-committee:

Penny, Martin and I had a very useful planning meeting last week. Learning from the success of last year’s event, we thought it would be a good idea to feature a few short presentations again, so we are working on some ideas for topics and speakers. We have also invited Victoria Atkins MP to come along as keynote speaker.

Apart from presentations and discussion, Penny came up with the idea of a bake-off competition, in which up to 10 anonymous bakers produce a tray bake to be cut up and everyone gets to taste a slice with a cup of tea or coffee and award marks out of 10. Martin has offered to organise a photographic competition, and he has already come up with a format for us to consider.

We now need your ideas! If you have a topic you would like to talk or hear about, or if you have any other ideas about what we might squeeze into a lively couple of hours or so, please contact any of us as soon as possible.

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Our new school hall – open for learning

If you have been down Wharf Lane any time over the last few months you must have noticed the building works at Kirkby on Bain Primary School. Neighbours have watched with interest the progress of this welcome addition to the school ever since we were invited in one day in the summer for tea, cakes and a presentation by pupils, and the chance to chat about the project with Head Teacher Simon Morley. We saw the plans, heard about the advantages the hall would bring and offered suggestions. And now it’s here! Continue reading

Help chronicle our village heritage

One of my hopes for this blog is to build an archive of history and heritage of this village and hereabouts. First off the mark was Martin Briscombe with his memories of Princess Anne’s visit to Kirkby on Bain in October 1989, and John Dudley followed up with his colourful story about when the Bishop met the churchwarden in 1801, originally published in the Gentleman’s Magazine. Thanks to both!

I have been researching other possible stories, including two mud and stud cottages in Wharf Lane, and of course….that murder. Betty Dixon has also agreed to spill a few beans about her lifetime in Kirkby on Bain, but the recent sad deaths of Joyce Stephenson and Alan Kerr have been a sharp reminder for me of the need to gather more memories before they disappear for ever. Continue reading