Lindum Cottage rubble eyesore: update

The unsightly remains of Lindum Cottage, demolished in March 2018, have at last been moved out of sight.  The “eyesore” issue was originally raised at the Parish Council meeting last November, and was discussed once again at this month’s meeting. Following action by East Lindsey District Council, in December the present landowner, understood to be Coningsby building company Costellow and Tokelove, crushed the demolition rubble, but left the pile close to the main road through the village, causing further complaints by those living near the site and others passing through.

Photo taken yesterday 21/03/19

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Planning application: house in Kirkby Lane (amendment)

A planning application to build a house with integral double garage on land Adjacent to Kirkby Manor, Kirkby Lane, LN10 6YY which is an amendment to that previously approved under planning permission ref no. S/094/2174/17 and construction of an additional vehicular access, has been notified to the Parish Council and is now being considered.The new application reference number is S/094/00419/19

To view the application online and to submit comments, visit the ELDC website using this link. The deadline is 02/04/2019. View / download documents

Location Plan (detail)

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Planning Application, house in Wharf Lane

East Lindsey District Council planning application reference S/094/02462/18 has been noted by the Parish Council and has been considered. The application proposes the outline erection of a dwelling (with appearance, layout and scale to be considered), at WOODSIDE, WHARF LANE, KIRKBY ON BAIN, WOODHALL SPA, LN10 6YW in accordance with revised plans received by the Local Planning Authority on 27th February 2019.

If you wish to comment on this application, please visit this ELDC web page where you can view the associated documents and submit your comments online if you wish as soon as possible. The ELDC Case Officer is Mr I. Carrington.
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Planning Application: more houses in Roughton Road

A new outline application to build 3 houses with detached single garages (with means of access and layout) on LAND EAST OF ROUGHTON ROAD, KIRKBY ON BAIN, WOODHALL SPA, LN10 6YL has been received by the Parish Council and is now being considered. The ELDC reference number is S/094/02168/18

NB: A previous application to build 4 houses on this land was submitted in August 2017 and withdrawn in November 2017 (ELDC reference number S/094/01553/17). The Parish council and one neighbour objected to the proposed developement at that time. Documentation 

To view the current application online and to submit comments, visit the ELDC website using this link.

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Planning complaint update: plot at Kirkby Lane

Following a complaint submitted to East Lindsey District Council by the Parish Council regarding planning permission reference S/094/02174/17, Kirkby on Bain councillors have been advised that the development now under construction adjacent to Kirkby Manor has been found to be not in accordance with the approved plans on planning concerning the incorrect setting out of the dwelling, decorative brick work above the windows not completed and decorative brick work added to under the eaves.

The owner has been informed that planning permission is required and has been invited to submit a planning application for the dwelling within the next 28 days, so that the Council’s planning department can consider whether permission should be granted. The submission of a planning application does not mean that permission will be automatically granted. If a planning application is submitted and is subsequently refused permission, it is likely that formal enforcement action will commence against the breach of planning control. Continue reading

Planning application approved: camp site, Wellsyke Lane

The Parish Council has been notified that the recent planning application to resurface existing roads at THE CAMPING AND CARAVANNING CLUB, WELLSYKE LANE, KIRKBY ON BAIN, WOODHALL SPA, LN10 6YU was approved yesterday. The ELDC reference number is S/094/02458/18

To view the application online visit the ELDC website using this link.

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