Planning application: Wharf Lane

East Lindsey District Council planning application reference S/094/01469/18 has been noted by the Parish Council and is now being considered. The purpose of this application is to determine the lawful use of the siting of a static caravan as a dwelling house. | WOODSIDE, WHARF LANE, KIRKBY ON BAIN, WOODHALL SPA, LN10 6YW

If you wish to comment on this application, please visit this ELDC web page where you can view the associated documents and submit your comments online if you wish as soon as possible. The ELDC Case Officer is Carrie Law.
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Planning Permission for Bainside development granted

planning_wordcloud_150The recent planning application to site 10 touring caravans and 2 glamping pods at
Bainside House, Roughton Road, has been passed by East Lindsey District Council
under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, subject to conditions.


Summary of Conditions: The development to be occupied for holiday purposes only, a Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan to be submitted before the site is brought into use, the two glamping pods to be and remain portable structures, existing hedges and trees to be retained and new hedging and other landscaping to be planted no later than six months from the date of the Decision Notice (15/11/2016).

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