Environment Agency saves a moorhen’s nest

From Martin Briscombe:

The River Bain was recently seen to be partially blocked with debris caught on overhanging trees, between the two footbridges in the village. This was reported to the Environment Agency who responded within two hours with an action plan.

As a result they scheduled a team to do the work, but not before the resident  moorhen had hatched her brood on the makeshift island. Now with the chicks fledged, the Agency team has moved in and the river flows freely again.


River Bain Depth Monitor

Driving over the bridge today I noticed the river level was up. I have found a web based depth guage which reads the level every few minutes. This could be valuable to residents especially as we seem to have no flood warden in the village just now. I have also placed this on the home page (right-hand) sidebar, so you can check the level any time.