ELDC Local Plan and planning guidance

If you are concerned about planning applications affecting Kirby on Bain, it may be useful to refer to the relevant section in Chapter 21 of the East Lindsey Local Plan, originally published in 1995 and in force until 2018.

Download the complete Local Plan chapter 21. (.pdf document 1.06 Mb)

You may also find these two ELDC guidance documents useful when considering planning notices and applications:

Download Guidance for Neighbours 4

Download Making comments on a planning application

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1995 Local Plan Extract:

Kirkby on Bain (Inset Map 81)

21.30. This village, although lying within the Coningsby/Tattershall catchment area, is also convenient for Woodhall Spa. It is in an area increasingly affected by inland tourism and informal recreation pressures, where a balance must be struck between catering for these leisure activities (Policies T8 and REC9) and protecting the local environment and character. Though not in a special landscape area, the village is in the most wooded part of the District, and the village retains some attractive features, not least its large gardens and lane and footpath network. Therefore, Policy H10 which presumes against infilling or garden subdivision would be particularly relevant here.

21.31. To bolster the local community facilities which include a primary school and to take pressure off the surrounding countryside, village gardens and open space, a small area for depth development is allocated for housing (Site A). A Development Brief will be needed to ensure not only that initial development is of suitable scale but also that access is reserved northward so that future growth is not prejudiced.

Update: A new Local Plan was adopted by ELDC in 2018. You can read about it here