Have you been to Hussey Tower?

Recently Eriks Pitkevics uploaded an interesting film about a recent archaeological dig at at this medieval site in Boston. According to Heritage Lincolnshire, the tower was once part of the impressive manorial home of Sir John Hussey, a member of the court of Henry VIII. It was constructed entirely of hand made red brick produced using local clay and was originally part of a large manor house, including a great hall, servants quarters, kitchens, stables and a large gatehouse. The tower was reserved for the high status accommodation of the Lord and his family.

Hussey tower was built in around 1450 by Richard Benyngton, collector of customs and excise in Boston, which was at the time, the wealthiest port in England outside London.

It’s only a short walking distance from car parks in Boston centre. To visit, follow the signs to the docks on Southend and turn into Skirbeck Road. The site of Hussey Tower is open from dawn until dusk all year round. The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire currently organise two open days each year to allow access inside the tower. It remains locked at all times except on an arranged open day.

Visit the Heritage Lincolnshire website for lots more information.

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logo_106wThis post is adapted and reblogged by courtesy of the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa

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