Cameo club AGM

From Jill Russell


Secretary Maura Dormer went through the minutes from last AGM and then described the very successful, enjoyable programme from 2018. Treasurer Rose Kimberley went through the accounts and fed back how well our charity fund-raising had done, the total amount raised being: £476.32. It was agreed £350 of this to go to our 2018 charity, RNLI Skegness, and £100 initial donation to our 2019 charity. The remainder to go towards expenses to set up this year e.g. Smartie tubes.

Sue Carroll’s 50/50 draw had been a success, as had the ‘fill the Smartie tubes’. As usual the raffle continued to be a good fund-raiser. The best attended meet had been the Ukulele night with many guests attending, both men and women.

Election of officers returned the same people as last year plus a vice chair. Although all those named were ready to continue, both the secretary and the treasurer requested that, if others could shadow their job this year, they could then step into these roles ultimately.

Chair: Carmita Booth. Vice Chair: Sue Bruzas. Secretary: Maura Dormer. Treasurer: Rose Kimberley, Raffle: Janet Holden. Reporter: Jill Russell. Member: Sue Carroll. Member: Gill Roberts. Matters arising was the need to get more and younger members to join and, although the club is based in Kirkby and Roughton, we also have members from Haltham, Mareham le Fen, Woodhall, Little Steeping, Horncastle and we would like to encourage as wide a base as possible. It was suggested that to ease the treasurer’s job at the end of the year we collect money for the Christmas meal and panto as early as Sept.  Also more committee meetings were thought to be helpful to ease organization.

Charity for 2019. Jill Russell put forward the charity SANDS which helps those who have had miscarriages, stillbirths and neo natal deaths.

Quote: “ Our son Hugo and partner Faye had the terrible shock when, after Christmas, going in for a routine 20 week scan to find out the sex of their baby, instead they were told there was no heart beat and Faye would have to have an induced stillbirth. The trauma and heartache were unbearable and having to watch our son and partner suffer so much and not being able to do anything to relieve their pain, being in bits ourselves. This was in Sheffield and the Jessop Hospital was marvellous and the SANDS organization helped them enormously to come to terms with their grief. They called him Wren as he was their ‘little bird’ and I proposed dedicating our charity collection this year to the memory of Wren Plume-Russell. Friends in the village and Cameo have been so so supportive!”

Happily the adoption of SANDS as our charity for this year was agreed and, since then, it has become apparent that far too many families are affected by this kind of loss from parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.  This is such an important issue rarely discussed and families need to be made more aware that this can happen and how to deal with this appalling situation.

Next Meeting 19th Feb – Presentation of cheque for £350 to the RNLI Skegness.

Talk by SANDS representative, Julie Baker, plus presentation of initial cheque for £100.

Reporter : Jill Russell.

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