Look out (and listen) for drones over the village

In the light of a recent burglary in Tattershall Road, a local couple have contacted the Parish Council about a drone which was spotted flying over houses and gardens in Kirkby on Bain on two nights at the end of June and on July 3 this year. The couple are trying to obtain proof of the type and source of the drone before they take any further action.

This was not the first time that such a problem occurred. In 2017 they noticed a high-flying drone over their back garden and took several photos of it over many different days, and from these pictures were able to identify the drone type. The drone, which has infra-red night-time flight, picture recording capability, and a several kilometre range, is controlled from a mobile phone and can fly at a height of up to 50m. It was traced to its point of origin and the couple were advised that their privacy would not be invaded in this way again, which proved to be correct, perhaps until now.

Telegraph article: Burglars use drone helicopters to target homes

What a drone sounds like:




1 thought on “Look out (and listen) for drones over the village

  1. I have received a message from a resident whose hobby is drone flying. He has flown his drone over the village, taking off from his own garden and he has have flown over the outskirts. He has only ever taken pictures of his own property in the village and a few wide view shots of the village as a whole. He has never posted pictures on any social media. He really does not want to be labelled as a criminal, casing peoples houses, nor to do his hobby in secret. He does not want to upset or offend any one, especially in the village where he has lived for a number of years. He hopes for some open and honest dialogue.


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