Kirkby on Bain is now a geocaching village

From Martin Briscombe:

The worldwide phenomenon of Geocaching ( treasure hunting using a GPS signal) has finally come to Kirkby on Bain. A Geocache has been established in the village  with the help, cooperation and connivance of Kirkby on Bain Parish Council. It’s a simple cache which contains only a paper log to be completed by the finder, so if you see grown ups , children or families wandering the streets GPS meters or mobiles in hand don’t be alarmed. They are trying to find our geocache.

Geocaching for Everyone

If you and your kids love a good treasure hunt, then there you will also likely love geocaching. Described as high tech treasure hunting, this is a great activity that takes everyone outdoors, gets them active and can be done as a family or with a group of friends.  So what is geocaching and where are the top spots to enjoy it?

The basics

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that operates using the Global Position System or GPS for the navigation element. This means that a smartphone, tablet or even a specialist GPS tracking gadget is needed for the game and it is taking place around the world.

The game is a modern, high tech version of a game known as letterboxing. Going back over a century, this game used landmarks and clues hidden in stories to send gamers around a location. The idea of making it modern and tech-based came when GPS was no longer just selectively available back in 2000. The new, improved system could accurately locate a small box and the first one was created by Dave Ulmer of Oregon.

What are geocaches?

The traditional geocache would use a waterproof container and would include a log book with pen or pencil for people to register when they found it, as well as a trinket or treasure.  Coordinates are placed on a website and others seek it out using their GPS locators.  When it is found, they log their details online and exchange the item in the box for something of similar or higher value for the next searcher.

Monetary value of the content isn’t particularly important and personal value is often placed higher. Everything from unusual coins and small toys to CDs and books can be placed in the boxes while Travel Bugs or Geocoins are used to continue to track the item’s location after it has been removed from the box.

Variations on geocaches have been invented for different games.  Mystery or puzzle caches are popular where you need to solve a puzzle to reach the location or solve when you when find the geocache.  These are also popular with children.  Linked caches are also used where you need to find a series of them to string together to get the prize.

So if you find you want to join in the fun, follow the link and create your own geocache account.



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