Parish Council update: July 2017

A scheduled meeting of the Council was held on Thursday July 6th, in the Primary School Hall, Wharf Lane, Kirkby on Bain, starting at 7.00 pm.

One member of the public attended, and the Chairman extended a warm welcome to Lincolnshire County Councillor Bradwell, who was able to offer useful advice and information during the meeting.

Of particular interest:

It was agreed that this year’s Annual Parish Meeting was a success, and that a similar format might be used in future. The events sub committee is now planning an apple-themed village festival, scheduled for October 8th. (Item 043).

Disappointment and frustration were expressed regarding the failure of BT / Openreach to install fibre broadband in the village despite a previous assurance that we would have it by now, made at an earlier Parish Council meeting by Paul Bimson, BT Regional Partnership Director. (Item 045).

Councillor Briscombe reported back regarding governance of the Village Hall, currently rented by the village nursery. Since the original Trust has apparently lapsed he suggested there is a need to establish a new village hall committee. Some problems regarding health and safety have now been resolved. (Item 048).

The Parish Clerk reported that she has received expressions of concern regarding of Footpath 174 which runs from Kirkby Lane to Tattershall Thorpe. It has been alleged that it is unsafe to walk along this path at the Kirby on Bain end as the result of a failure to cut the grass. It has also been noted that the path is unsafe for walkers as the result of a barbed wire fence erected by the landowner. (Item 053).

For further details, please Download the draft minutes of this meeting.
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2 thoughts on “Parish Council update: July 2017

  1. What was the agreed outcome please of the ‘disappointment and frustration ‘ expressed by Paul Bimsons’ empty promise to deliver? I would like to know how this is being moved forward please?


    • Extract from the draft minutes: “045 Broadband Update:
      The clerk had emailed Paul Bimson, BT, East Midlands Regional Partnership Director prior to the APM and had received a reply stating Kirkby on Bain
      was a key priority but was unable to provide a timescale for when the work would start. This was contrary to what he had stated at the Parish
      Council Meeting he had attended in September 2016 and also at the local MP’s Broadband Summit he had attended.
      Councillors were frustrated with the lack of progress but felt contacting Mr Bimson again would be pointless.”

      We all share your concerns. If you have any new ideas, I’m sure the council would like to hear from you. Part of the problem is that so few residents come to the meetings or contact councillors on specific concerns. I understand that faced with continued procrastination and lies from BT, some people are migrating to 4g mobile broadband, which yields speeds of over 50 Mbps in some parts of the village.


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