Take care on the footpath to Tattershall Thorpe!

From Martin Briscombe:

Recently the first part of footpath 172, which leads from Kirkby Lane through to Tattershall Thorpe, has been fenced in with stock netting topped with two strands of barbed wire.

Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department were asked if it was safe for pedestrians to use, and Jonathan Stockdale replied that whereas the path didn’t quite meet the statutory guidelines, it was still able to be used. Here’s a copy his reply:

“Further to your report concerning the above Public Footpath, I have inspected the path and found it to be as one would expect for a fenced off field edge path. I do not consider that it is any more uneven than other similar Public Footpaths in the area.

With regard to the barbed wire erected, I do not propose to take any formal action against the landowner over this but I have written to him informing him of current best practice i.e. running a plain wire along the outside of the fence to keep walkers from coming into contact with the barbed wire and alerting him to the fact that should anyone injure themselves upon the fence as a result of the barbed wire, then he may have some liability. It will be up to him if he wishes to make modifications.  As a result, I shall be treating your report as resolved. The Public Footpaths in the area are in the process of being cut at present, and that ought to make the surface of the path easier to see.

Thank You for bringing this to our attention. Regards, Jonathan Stockdale”

And this is my favourite walk, between the Ebrington Arms and the Blue Bell pub!


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