Equinox festival update

At the last meeting of Kirkby on Bain Parish Council issues arising from the Equinox Music Festival held near the village in September were discussed. A summary of the discussion will be available in the draft minutes, to be published here as soon as possible.

Since the meeting, Councillors have been made aware of feedback from East Lindsey District Council Licensing Section regarding the conduct of the festival, particularly regarding noise nuisance, in the form of an extract from a review provided by the ELDC monitoring team of the first hand monitoring carried out during the festival, and of the noise information and audio recordings obtained from within properties in Tumby and Kirkby on Bain. The review also includes references to complaints lodged by one Kirkby on Bain resident and other complaints received from residents of the Pilgrim Square area of Coningsby and Tumby.

To read the complete extract provided to the Parish Council, please download or view it here.

Of particular interest are the overall conclusions (our highlighting):

“We consider that the lower noise limits which were imposed on the 2016 Equinox Festival, the times when the main stages and all other entertainment shut down along with the proactive work carried out by yourself/your staff (aided by reports made by our Officers) and the festival organisers resulted in a fairly reasonable experience for local residents.  We consider that was a further Equinox Festival to be staged at Scholey Park this should be subject to the same music noise limits and finishing times.

However, there remain three main areas of concern where the situation was not quite as good as it should have been, as follows:

  • After hours noise caused by bongo drums was intrusive and continued for longer than it should have done between 01:00 and 01:30 Hours on Saturday 17th September 2016 (in future we would expect such informal activity to be stopped more quickly).
  • Slightly too much music noise (in terms of both overall noise levels and levels of bass within the 63 Hz octave band) propagated to the Pilgrim Square area of Coningsby at times during the Saturday evening. Whilst this is not considered severe enough to justify further action it was on occasions less than ideal. We consider that it may be possible to improve this situation by filling the gap which existed in the bale walls to the rear and side of the Psy Trance Dance Stage (thus reducing propagation of sound to the south east). I understand that this is something that you have already identified.
  • Late on the Sunday evening a bit too much bass sound (about 4 to 5 dB in the 63 Hz octave band) propagated to the Tumby area. However, the Officers reported that the overall level of noise was in compliance with the relevant limit and that whilst the bass was subjectively a bit too loud it was not severe enough to justify further action. Also from the recording and sound data obtained from a property in Kirkby on Bain it is clear that more noise propagated to that particular property than was expected. From the levels obtained within the complainant’s property we a confident that the music noise limits (in terms of overall sound levels and bass levels) would have been reached at first floor window height. Whilst not a breach of the license this is somewhat surprising and concerning given the separation distance between this property and the festival site. However, it was noted that whilst on the ground in the Kirkby on Bain area Officers did not note which was of concern to them. It is therefore likely that the specific physical location and properties of the particular home result in it receiving more sound than do at least some other parts of Kirkby on Bain.”

Thanks to:

Adrian Twiddy – Principal Licensing Officer, Licensing Section, East Lindsey District Council.

Contact details: Room 6, Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Manby
Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8UP
Tel: 01507 601111 ext. 3011
E: adrian.twiddy@e-lindsey.gov.uk

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