Cameo update September 2016

cameo_wordcloud_square_150From Maura Dormer:

On Septemer 20 we had a very well supported evening to hear a talk given by Ian Carroll, a First Responder with LIVES. Ian gave a very interesting talk on the history of LIVES which, together with a power point presentation and display of the vast array of equipment. He gave us all an insight into the incredibly valuable and life saving work they undertake every day of the year and demonstrated the basics of CPR, and explained the use of defibrillators. Something we hope we will never need to put into practice but it could be life-saving! Many thanks Ian.

lives_logoLIVES  was started in 1970 by two Lincolnshire doctors, Dr Michael Cooper from Nettleham and Dr Richard Harper-Smith of Tetford. The original objective of the scheme was to provide timely expert emergency medical assistance for road traffic accident victims and other trauma cases throughout Lincolnshire. Equipment was originally provided by the doctors and the medical team. Gradually the scope of cases was extended and funding came from the efforts of volunteers, local companies and institutions.

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