Broadband, Equinox, signage, HGVs and more besides

planning_wordcloud_150Just some of the subjects discussed at a lively Parish Council meeting last week, attended by Parish Councillors, village residents and both of our District Councillors, Helen Gorst and Craig Leyland.

Top of the bill, some very welcome news, imparted in person by Paul Bimson from BT, regarding the promised upgrading of broadband in the village. The gist of Paul’s presentation was that we should be connected by optical fibre cable to the Woodhall Spa exchange by May or June next year. He explained that this upgrade will mean the installation by Openreach of one or more cabinets in the village, capable of delivering speeds up to18mb. He also reminded us that speeds available in our homes and offices would depend on the distance from the new cabinet over existing cables, but new technologies are being developed to mitigate the reduction in speed to individual premises. Paul went on to answer questions and address some concerns, and he was liberal in handing out business cards to those who might want to follow up, including our District Councillors.

The Equinox Festival, due this weekend, triggered another animated discussion, referring back to the decision by ELDC Licensing Committee to grant a licence for this year only, subject to some very strict conditions. The position of the Parish Council is well known – Councillors would have preferred a refusal of license, but they are appreciative of the new conditions, breaches of which, if committed, would constitute criminal offenses. Concern was also expressed about the failure of ELDC Councillor Stuart Davy to reply to a letter sent by the Parish Council regarding the conduct of the hearing held in July, and other issues. ELDC leader Craig Leyland apologised on behalf of Mr Davy and agreed to follow up with the Chief Executive in order to get a response.

Complaint hotlines

signpost_100Councillor Simon Tydeman reported back on the work of the village signage sub-committee, recommending a speed survey to be undertaken in the village by Lincolnshire County Council. He also explained the possibilities for new village signs and showed the meeting illustrations of various village signs that could be supplied, including one option which could involve inviting children from the primary school to create a design.

Regarding concerns by residents about  the apparent increase in heavy goods traffic through the village, Chairman Sam Midgley thought that HGV drivers were using the village as a short cut. Councillors agreed that a 7.5 tonne weight restriction should be requested as the Primary School is a split site school, with children sometimes having to walk through the village. It was decided that Councillor Tydeman approach LCC Highways about this possibility.

There was also a useful discussion regarding possible amendments to the Parish Council’s Standing Orders, particularly concerning the timing of the traditional public forum and wording of references to the Chairman. It was agreed that the existing placement of the forum at the start of proceedings was in the best interests of all concerned and that appropriate changes should be made to the standing orders. It was also agreed that the term Chairman should be changed to Chairperson and that appropriate references should be amended throughout the document.

The date of the next Kirkby on Bain Parish Council Meeting was set for Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 7.00 pm in Kirkby on Bain Primary School Hall.

Download Draft Minutes (including planning applications)

2 thoughts on “Broadband, Equinox, signage, HGVs and more besides

  1. Peter, thank you for that information, it sounds as if good progress was made on many fronts. We were sorry not to be at the meeting but we were away in Scotland.


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