Equinox festival: public nuisance response hotlines

Festival Director Alison Armstrong has advised the Parish Council that the public nuisance complaint response line telephone numbers for the Equinox Festival 2016 are as follows:

07904 228346
07543 042120

The festival is scheduled to take place at Scholey Park from 16 to 18 September. Meanwhile if you would like to contact Ali, her email address is ali.medievalchemistryltd@gmail.com

Please Note: Strict conditions have been applied to the festival this year regarding noise nuisance. These include:

  • Live Music permitted only: Friday and Saturday 1200 to 2300 Hours, Sunday 1000 to 2200 Hours
  • Recorded Music etc. permitted only: Friday and Saturday 1000 Hours to Midnight, Sunday 1000 to 2200 Hours
  • Reduced noise level requirements

During the festival, if you believe that any of the licence conditions are being breached, please use the above telephone numbers to complain. Breach of the event licence is a criminal offense. If your complaint is not addressed to your satisfaction, you should contact the ELDC licensing team as soon as possible. Read further details of licence conditions and ELDC contact details here.

If you have concerns about public safety or disorder during the festival, contact the police.

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