Equinox festival licence hearing

The application made by Medieval Chemistry Ltd to hold a music festival called Equinox on the weekend of September 18th at Scholey Park will be heard by the East Lindsey District Council Licensing Act 2003 Committee on July 4th at Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Louth.

Objections to the application have been submitted by Kirkby on Bain and Tattershall Parish Councils, Coningsby Town Council, two East Lindsey District Councillors and an unprecedented number of individuals living in Kirkby in Bain. No representations in favour of the application have been notified.

It has been established that the directors of Medieval Chemistry include individuals who worked for the Alchemy Festivals held between 2010 and 2014 on the same site, and at another site nearer the village centre last year. Objectors believe that the impact on local residents of the proposed festival this year would be similar to those run by Alchemy until 2014, were the licence to be granted in its present form.

The representation made by Kirkby on Bain Parish Council was drawn up following its last meeting, having given a fair hearing to the applicants, who were invited to make a presentation and answer questions. Among other concerns, Councillors were not convinced that Equinox would be any more successful in exercising control over noise levels than their predecessors were, and were dismayed by their proposals regarding the hours sought for live and recorded music, (see below) which they saw as unreasonable and provocative.

Even though the current applicants have, understandably, tried to distance themselves from Alchemy following its ignominious demise, Councillors believe that they cannot simply ignore the history of previous festivals.

Regardless of the current applicant’s ability to control and mitigate noise levels, some objectors believe that any public nuisance likely to be caused would be an inevitable consequence of the poor choice of site, and that the landowner should bear much of the responsibility for the harm done to members of our community in the past. Kirkby on Bain Councillors have suggested to the applicants that it would have been prudent to seek an alternative site, further away from residential areas, but it seems that they are committed to Scholey Park despite the harm caused in the past, even suggesting on social media that the choice of venue is a cause for celebration.

All those who have submitted representations have been invited to attend the hearing, and many intend to be there. They will have the opportunity to reinforce their cases verbally before the Licensing Committee, which will be composed of ELDC Councillors. By that time a quite unrelated music festival, Shanti, will have been held on the same site. For some objectors  the prospect of two music festivals in one year on the same site is unreasonable and unwelcome, regardless of the perceived merits or drawbacks of either festival.

All objections are in the public domain, and are available online here, along with a report prepared by the East Lindsey Principal Licensing Officer (with appendices), a representation made by the East Lindsey Environmental Officer and other documentation to be tabled at the hearing.

For your guidance, the appendices are listed as follows:

a)      Location plan of the proposed site
b)      Extract from the licence application provided by the applicants to promote the four licensing objectives
c)      Additional steps proposed by the applicant to promote the four licensing objectives
d)      Environmental Health representation
e)      Representations made by Town and Parish Councils
f)       Representations made by East Lindsey Councillors
g)      Representation made by Mr and Mrs Leggate
h)      Representations made by other parties
i)       Extracts from ELDC Licensing Policy
j)       Extracts from Home Office guidance to Licensing Authorities, Section 182

Hours sought by the applicant

Live Music

Friday 1000 to 0200
Saturday 1000 to 0200
Sunday 1000 to Midnight

Recorded Music

Friday 1000 to 0500
Saturday 1000 to 0500
Sunday 1000 to Midnight

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