Better broadband – another idea

Image courtesy Phil Brennan

Just getting in touch following the village meeting with some suggestions re: broadband speed. I expressed that an alternative to satellite based broadband was to simply take a second ADSL line from one’s existing provider at quite low cost (certainly cheaper than two full price lines anyway).

There are a few options to consider:

1) Use one line for hard wired pc’s and one for wireless – reducing internal contention / no. of gateways in operation. Good for private homes – certainly works for me and the kids.

2) If you are running a business, then “bond” two, four or more lines to gain what you need and ensure your home is registered & insured for business use (of course) – see links below:

3) Demand (& you do have to demand) of your supplier (eventually Openreach though) that you require an improved SNR – Signal to Noise Ratio – this tweaking made by a BT broadband engineer allows broadband ADSL improvements based upon line balancing, which can be significant, see link:-

All in all, more can be done with the (let’s face it) parlous, but existing infrastructure we have.

Fibre plans for Sept 2017 are not so far away – who says this is not acceptable – I don’t believe this is completely unreasonable, given the low(ish) number of users involved. Let it be confirmed & just wait, BUT only if a valid claim of Sept ’17 is genuine and honoured of course.
Hope this helps.

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1 thought on “Better broadband – another idea

  1. From Peter Hilton, who has gone for the satellite option:

    We have been using our new connection for three weeks now, and our experience is mixed. Download speed is 5 to 12 Mbps, but upload speed is much less; the Moneysupermarket test records 0.1 mbps, but Rural Broadband say this does not recognise the satellite technology, and we should use the Avanti test, which shows 0.5 to 1.0 upload speed. Whatever, straight download is very much better, e.g. Downloading the Telegraph, videos, etc. However, dialogue is not so good: searching a website is no better than it was before. In fact, trying to use links from email to the John Lewis website is often impossible, though we can access the website direct and then search for the right page.
    If I remember the Gas Laws I believe a gas expands to fit the volume it occupies; Hilton’s first law of the Internet states that internet activity expands to fit the capacity of the supplying service. With better download speed we are using more, and will not stay within the 10 gb per month we have paid for – so the ongoing cost will be higher than the £25 a month we expected. Unless of course Jill were to lose her iPad . . .


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