Equinox Festival licence application

east_lindsey_logo_150wFrom ELDC Principal Licensing Officer Adrian Twiddy:

Details of an application to hold a music festival at Scholey Park, Tattershall Thorpe from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 September 2016. The licence application seeks the following hours:

Live Music

Friday 1000 to 0200
Saturday 1000 to 0200
Sunday 1000 to Midnight

Recorded Music

Friday 1000 to 0500
Saturday 1000 to 0500
Sunday 1000 to Midnight

Sale of Alcohol

Friday 1200 to 0200
Saturday 1200 to 0200
Sunday 1200 to Midnight

In relation to live music, they have requested a 0200 finish time. However, they have indicated that whilst the program of entertainment will run until 0100 Hours they have requested 0200 Hours to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

In relation to recorded music, they have indicated that between 0200 & 0500 Hours the music will be played at a reduced level and contained within areas/marquees known as Big Dub Café’ & PSY Breakfast.

The closing date for any representations (objections) in relation to this licence application is 10 June 2016. The receipt of a valid representation(s) will result in the licence application being forwarded to the Council’s Licensing Committee (consisting of Councillors) for consideration.

Any representation must relate to one or more of the following licensing objectives:

Prevention of Crime & Disorder
Prevention of Public Nuisance
Public Safety
Protection of Children from Harm

We will decline to accept any representation that cannot be related to one or more of the above objectives.

Do not hesitate to contact this Authority’s Licensing Team for any further information.

Adrian Twiddy – Principal Licensing Officer
Licensing Section
East Lindsey District Council
Room 6, Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Manby
Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8UP

Tel: 01507 601111 ext. 3011
E: adrian.twiddy@e-lindsey.gov.uk


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