Alchemy Festival rebranded as Equinox?

Here we go again (again)!

Parish Councillors have learned that the proposers of a “new” festival called Equinox (September 16th-18th this year,) are already selling tickets, although with location to be confirmed, and are accepting Alchemy Ticket holders. Councillors also believe that the current organisers were previously involved with the running of Alchemy.

You can check the details on their website (which looks strangely familiar……)  I note that Equinox promises Over 100 bands and DJ’s, one great weekend!” – much the same promise made by Alchemy, who went out of business last year because they breached the terms of their licence, notably for exceeding noise levels. Councillors have not been notified by East Lindsey DC of any licence application for this event, but they were recently contacted directly by one of the organisers (April 29). Here is what Alison Armstrong wrote:

” We are Medieval Chemistry Ltd, a new, locally based, non profit making Social Enterprise run by Lincolnshire people, hoping to work with, and to involve as many residents from the local community as possible- including providing local shops, pubs and other businesses with opportunities, bringing money and visitors into our area,and boosting the local economy through our activities and events.

We are planning to run our first event locally, to bring people together to enjoy music, arts and crafts in the safe and comfortable surroundings of our Lincolnshire countryside around the Autumn Equinox on September 16th-18th this year.

As we are all from Lincolnshire, (many of us were born in Boston), we are also looking to promote the heritage of Lincolnshire, with an area dedicated to passing on local knowledge from local artisans and tradesmen such as blacksmiths and traditional wood turners, through interactive workshops, and are looking into a re-enactment of a Viking myth within this context.

We have been made aware of the problems the people of Kirkby on Bain have encountered as a result of previous events in this area, and we are hoping to be able to meet with you to hear you voice your concerns, opinions and discuss how we can be better neighbours.

Our representatives, Dan Shores and Katie Harlow plan to attend your next Parish Council meeting to introduce themselves and open this dialogue.

Dan is one of our Directors and Katie is very involved with our new project and is acting as our local liaison.

Yours Faithfully, Alison Armstrong”

Katie Harlow has indeed confirmed her intention to come along to the next Parish Council meeting, so please feel free to join Councillors at the next Parish Council Meeting (May 19th) to ask questions or express your views on yet another festival, assuming it would be held in or near Kirkby on Bain.

If you are unable to attend the next meeting but you would like to comment on this development, please submit a comment below, or contact a Parish Councillor, in confidence, before May 19th.

2 thoughts on “Alchemy Festival rebranded as Equinox?

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