Annual Parish Meeting: full house!

The 2016 Kirby on Bain Annual Parish Meeting attracted over 50 local people and invited guests last evening, filling the school hall almost to capacity. Opened by Parish Council Chairman Sam Midgley and compered by Councillor Martin Briscombe, the event certainly lived up to our expectations.

The show got off to a flying start as pupils from Oak Class presented an engaging, and at times touching, picture of school life, making good use of the excellent audio-visual facilities offered by the state-of-the-art school hall, before a series of presentations by local people representing community groups.

We learned what makes Cameo Club and the Book Club tick, what to do in case of cardiac arrest, and the role of St Mary’s Church in village life, before Councillor Briscombe gave a brief account of his work on the born-again telephone box, now functioning as a book exchange, defibrillator station and indoor notice board.

Finally I offered some insights into the inner workings of this village website, before introducing the first public showing of a compilation of short films featuring Betty Dixon’s memories of village life going back to pre-war days, shortly to appear on this site along with other archive pictures and documentation.

The public forum was a revelation, as residents took this long overdue opportunity to speak up with passion and conviction about matters that concern us all. Top of the list was the appalling state of the roads, especially in Kirkby Lane, followed closely by concerns and updates regarding the continuing lack of adequate broadband provision. Planning issues were also a hot topic, as ever.

Together with the messages conveyed by survey slips returned by residents, this outspoken discussion certainly now provides councillors with a much-needed picture of residents’ concerns and expectations; it’s a daunting prospect, but the organising committee will meet next week to reflect on this very successful event and the evidence provided by the public survey. We will then report back to the Parish Council with a view to establishing strategies and action plans for the immediate future and years to come.

By the way, when we cleared the hall we discovered two umbrellas left behind in all the excitement. If you want to claim one (or both!) please contact me via this site, or call in at Reddings Farm on the off-chance.

Special thanks to Simon Morley and the school, pupils and parents for their help, and to those who brought along their wares:

KoB Krafters, Cameo Club, the Book Group, Kirkby on Bain Nursery, PCSO Nicola Stuchfield (Lincolnshire Police) and Carmita  Booth (Archive materials)


Sue Wright (Cameo), Ian carroll (Lives), Margaret Dewrance and Glynis Briscombe (Book Group), Margaret Done (Bain Valley Group of Churches) ELDC Councillor Helen Gorst, Betty Dixon (film star), John Dudley (printing & poster), Councillor Penny Stones (catering, admin and much more!) and all those who offered valuable insights and suggestions during and after the meeting, all of which will be followed up!

If you missed it, make sure you come along next year!

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4 thoughts on “Annual Parish Meeting: full house!

  1. Morning Peter — As usual the school children gave a wonderful presentation — it was a good meeting. I have asked John Dudley to upload the weekly church notice sheet to the website so villagers/visitors can see service times and dates for social events. Chhurch is open daily between 9.30 & 4.30. Thank you for inviting us.

    Margaret Done

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  2. First of all i would like to thank all who attended last nights event i was overwhelmed by the amount of support it attracted.
    A big thank you to Penny, Martín and Peter for all their hard work in making it successful and to all the groups who attended and showcased what they have to offer within the village.
    I hope this will be the first of many good things to come in supporting the Village and surrounding area. Again thank you

    Sam Midgley
    Chairperson to the Kirkby on Bain Parish Council

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  3. Hello! I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the meeting last night and thank you for setting it up. It is very easy to feel left out of the happenings of the Parish Council, and good to have the opportunity to get together and communicate our feelings and gripes! I loved the presentations, especially the one given by the gentleman from LIVES. I have no first aid training, and I was hooked, even though from the back I wasn’t able to see a lot, and it has given me confidence should I be faced with needing to use the defibrillator. So thank you.
    Reflecting on the number of hits for our village website from the US, and the fact it is so high, I feel it must have something to do with our red telephone box?!

    With love and thanks Jill Hilton, resident.

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