Wartime Weekend

From Geoff Thompson, Lincolnshire TV:

Coming up, a special weekend at the Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre, formerly RAF Metheringham, celebrating the men and women of 101st Airborne Division, many of whom gave their lives in World War II.

The event is scheduled for 1st & 2nd May 2016 10 am to 5 pm. All Adults £5, under 16s Free.

A large contingent of the North West 101st Airborne re-enactment group will be camping out on Metheringham Airfield using the backdrop of Dakota KG 651 which is based there, and there will be a BBMF Lancaster flypast on both days, weather permitting.

During the course of the two-day event, members of the Mobile Military Museum, dressed in uniform as Gefechts Aufklarungs Zug which is a German battle reconnaissance unit, will be doing battle each day with the Allied Forces. They are part of the Allied / Axis Re-enactment Group.

Why not take a vintage coach tour of the WW2 buildings that remain on former RAF Metheringham by courtesy of the local farmers (access allowed) who are supporting the bank holiday special, or watch Jet Provost XS186 fire up her Bristol Siddeley Viper engine and hear the roar of its engine run on both days. Bring your camera to photograph the classic cars military vehicles which will be parked there.

The Museum and Shop will be open, and there are the usual entertainments, craft Stalls, 1940s exhibits, aircraft cockpits, and oil engines.

Refreshments, tea, coffee, and cold drinks will be available each day, together with the famous Lincolnshire sausage in a roll cooked by Christine, Judy, and their assistants.

For further details contact 07486 947095


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