Broadband: a ray of hope?

Image courtesy lack of fast and reliable broadband in Kirkby on Bain is at best irritating, but for those who work from home it has become a very real impediment to business and education.

However, there is now a ray of hope, as financial advisor Mandy Fitzaden-Gray and Ebrington Arms landlord Ronnie Moncrieff have just succeeded in getting a meeting with local MP Victoria Atkins and the LCC Councillor responsible for broadband, Richard Davies. Their objective is simple enough, to get the village moved up the broadband rollout priority ladder. Mandy comments: “We are making a nuisance of ourselves and it seems to be paying off as we are getting in front of the right people, finally.”

As well as home-workers, others adversely affected include the Kirkby on Bain Primary school, where pupils and teachers are severely disadvantaged. Head Teacher Simon Morley is clear that the extremely slow broadband in the village is a frustration for the school as it limits what staff and pupils are able to do with the technology they have. Online educational videos often will not stream and accessing online packages is often very slow, which detrimentally affects the school office staff.

By the way, on a good day I get a download reading of about 1.2 Mbps down here in Wharf Lane, but I’m paying for “up to 8 Mbps”. That’s a fraction of what I might get on the moon – just under 20Mbps. That might make some sense if there were anyone up there staving off the boredom with a Netflix movie without buffering isses.

If you live in Kirkby on Bain and you too are fed up with being left behind in the fast broadband rollout, do please support Mandy and Ronnie. Don’t just grumble, get in touch with them as soon as possible, either directly or, if you prefer, via this website.

Mandy’s contact details:

Mandy Fitzaden-Gray
Mobile 0798 4426966.

Broadband on the Moon (The Independent)

6 thoughts on “Broadband: a ray of hope?

  1. On behalf of Peter Hilton: Great to hear that someone (Mandy and Ronnie) is trying to tackle the broadband issue. Like Peter Dewrance, we get just over 1 Mbps on a good day. We may not have a business which depends on fast broadband, but we are being left behind in a world which is moving on with a different level of communication as its standard – we are becoming isolated.
    We have just signed up to a satellite connection from Rural Broadband, using the connection subsidy advertised on the OnLincolnshire site. Not installed yet. Also, I have responded to the “Gainshare” consultation, though the documentation for this is written in a language which I don’t understand – I think the consultation is about broadband speed, but it might have been asking about my favourite sausages for all I know.

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  2. I also looked at the satellite option some time ago but decided I could not afford it This was probably before OnLincolnshire. Let’s know when you have it installed, and if it’s better than your favourite sausages.


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