New Lancaster film to use DIY replica bomber

Sleaford-based film company Tin Hat productions are building their own replica Lancaster bomber for a new feature “Our Shining Sword” which tells the story of a seven-man bomber crew. Writer and producer Andy Burn said the company used one of the famous Haynes maintenance manuals to make sure every detail was correct.

“We have never built anything on this scale and we have done the whole thing with a Haynes manual. We bought one for a Lancaster Bomber and drew up the plans from that. Then we researched on Google if it wasn’t in there – we were constantly looking at images.”

Latest video diary entry:


Andy said the film is on track for its release in 2017 and he hopes the finished film will be shown at a variety of film festivals.

You can also have a look around the wooden replica aircraft April 24 at the Old Dairy in Culverthorpe, near Grantham. There is a suggested donation of £3 to help with film costs.

About Tin Hat Productions
The full story from the Lincolnshire Echo
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Footnote: During the war, 617 squadron officers were billeted at the Petwood – Read more


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