CallConnect: No more scheduled services for the village

As of yesterday, residents of Kirkby on Bain won’t be seeing a bus like this in the village so often. I am not surprised that regular bus users are unhappy with the “changes” to CallConnect scheduled services between Kirkby on Bain and Horncastle. Having checked this morning, it seems clear that for “changes”, read “cuts”.

The current situation is that, since yesterday, scheduled services on this service no longer exist, so if you do need the bus you have to book ahead to arrange a pick-up time and place. You can do this by phone: 0345 234 3344, or online here, or on your smartphone here.

So why has this reduction in services come about?

I asked this seemingly simple question this morning, but, frankly, I’m not much the wiser, having listened patiently to vague waffle such as “these services are always under review”, or “factors such as passenger numbers” and “a variety of reasons”. The person I talked to was reluctant to admit that the problem was to do with funding alone, and he did remind me that CallConnect is a subsidised service, provided by Lincolnshire County Council.

He also pointed out that Brylaine have a commercial service which runs between Kirkby, Horncastle and Woodhall Spa. True, but if you check out the timetable, you’ll see it’s a circular service that passes through Kirkby only twice a day, weekdays and Saturdays, except Bank Holidays.

I also asked how one might complain about this latest downgrading of village life, likely to hit the less well-off and those who do not drive. I was advised to contact our Lincolnshire County Councillor, or contact the LCC directly. Our LCC Councillor seems to be Councillor Denis Colin Hoyes MBE and you can find out how to contact him here.

By the way, I did post the bad news on this site before the deed was done, (March 10 & 22) and called for comments. Nobody commented.


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