Street Works Permit Scheme

Picture credit: Peter DewranceThe Parish Council has received the following notification from Lincolnshire County Council:

Re: New Consultation – The Lincolnshire Permit Scheme (LiPS)

I am writing to inform you of a new scheme Lincolnshire County Council will be introducing to assist with the management of street and road work activities on the public highway in Lincolnshire.

Part 3 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and The Traffic Management Permit Scheme (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 gave local authorities powers to operate a permit scheme to improve the management of works on the public highway undertaken by highway authorities and utility companies. Lincolnshire County Council, in its capacity as the local highway authority (excluding motorways and trunk roads), proposes to exercise these powers to introduce a system of permits for street works and road works under the Lincolnshire Permit Scheme (LiPS). This will require permits to be obtained for most road and street works, whether they are undertaken by or on behalf of, utility companies or the highway authority.

This consultation is primarily aimed at highway authorities, utility companies and their industry bodies; however, responses are welcomed from anyone with an interest.

Once this consultation process is complete and the responses considered, the permit scheme will be put into its final form for approval by Lincolnshire County Council. It is intended to begin the scheme on 5th October 2016. All works promoters who operate on Lincolnshire County Council’s highway network will be given four weeks’ notice of the commencement date of the scheme.

In order to respond to this consultation online please go to the following web address:

This link also contains copies of the consultation material.

If you prefer to receive these by email, please send a request to the email address below. Please note that we will not be providing hard copies of this consultation pack except on special request.

Alternatively responses, or any other questions, requests or commentary not covered by the survey can be submitted by email direct to Lincolnshire County Council at:

The deadline for receipt of responses is 5pm on Tuesday 31st May 2016. Responses received after this date may not be included. All comments will be considered within the terms of the legislative framework of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and associated regulations and codes of practice. A summary of the consultation will be made available on request.


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