Shanti Festival Update

As if by magic, a flyer for this festival and a calendar from the Lincs2Nepal charity arrived through our letter box only an hour or two after posting the news earlier today.

In the flyer Leo Scott Smith states that he hopes to attend our next Parish Council meeting to answer questions from residents, and that meanwhile residents may contact him at or on 07949 353402. He also mentions the Facebook page and the website

My first impression is that this seems to show a more professional and less confrontational attitude than we experienced with the Alchemy people.

My questions will be:

Do you have any connection with the Alchemy festival?
Can you show a clean record of compliance from previous festivals?
Are you aware of the controversy over previous festivals on this site?
Why did you choose this site?
Have you applied for a licence?
Do you compensate residents if they wish to leave the village to get away from the festival?


One thought on “Shanti Festival Update

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