Help chronicle our village heritage

One of my hopes for this blog is to build an archive of history and heritage of this village and hereabouts. First off the mark was Martin Briscombe with his memories of Princess Anne’s visit to Kirkby on Bain in October 1989, and John Dudley followed up with his colourful story about when the Bishop met the churchwarden in 1801, originally published in the Gentleman’s Magazine. Thanks to both!

I have been researching other possible stories, including two mud and stud cottages in Wharf Lane, and of course….that murder. Betty Dixon has also agreed to spill a few beans about her lifetime in Kirkby on Bain, but the recent sad deaths of Joyce Stephenson and Alan Kerr have been a sharp reminder for me of the need to gather more memories before they disappear for ever.

So this is another call for your memories, whether you are an “incomer” like me or born-and-bred round here. This is your chance to share a memory, funny or sad, or perhaps to raid your old family photo albums, to help me build an archive for posterity.

Of course you don’t have to live in the village to join in. Perhaps you went to school here, or maybe you have moved away – even emigrated, who knows? Do you remember the village Post Office, or barges on the canal?

By the way, I have come across some fascinating websites which offer glimpses of the past around these parts, two of which you might like to check out:

title="Picture courtesy Peter Spillman"Old Lincolnshire Rural Photographs is a Facebook group which has a fast growing collection of family snaps and postcards. I have joined the group, and it’s fascinating to see what people have to say about their pictures. I’m not convinced that Facebook is the ideal platform for archiving, so I hope it might develop into a more searchable database.


Picture courtesy British LibraryThe British Library’s Survey of English Dialects is also a fascinating collection of sound recordings, featuring local speech around the UK, including Lincolnshire. The nearest clip I have found is a 1960 recording of Mr Brothwell and Ms Greenwood from Bardney, talking about farming and recalling several harsh winters. Unfortunately I cannot embed the clip here, apparently for legal reasons, but you can listen to it here.

So, how to share your memories?

If you would like to write your story, the simplest way is to use this form, but don’t forget to include your email address:

If you have a story but you would rather tell it face-to-face just use the form to give me your contact details and we’ll take it from there.

If you want to share old photos as electronic images (e.g. jpegs), please send them to me as email attachments:

If you only have prints, then just email me anyway and I can arrange to scan them for you.

If all else fails, call me on 01526 354783.


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