Planning Application: Heale Farm, Wellsyke Lane

planning_wordcloud_150Planning application reference S/094/01392/15 has been received by the Parish Council and is now being considered.

This application proposes the erection of 2 replacement poultry sheds with 4 biomass rooms and 4 silos on the site of 6 existing poultry sheds which are to be demolished (works already started), at HEALE FARM, WELLSYKE LANE, KIRKBY ON BAIN, WOODHALL SPA, LINCOLNSHIRE LN10 6YU

The Parish Council’s observations have been requested for no later than 15 January 2016. If you wish to help the council form a view on this application, please contact them through this website or contact a parish councillor directly.

You may view details of the application and submit your comments online to East Lindsey District Council Planning department here.

You can also write to the ELDC planning department, Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8UP, quoting the reference reference S/094/01392/15

ELDC advice about commenting on planning applications.
ELDC local plan and planning guidance.

1 thought on “Planning Application: Heale Farm, Wellsyke Lane

  1. Comment received from Darran Hazelwood via email:

    “As local residents of Kirkby on Bain we wish to show our objection to the latest planning application at Heale Poultry Unit, Wellsyke Lane, Kirkby on Bain. Following the original expansion at this Poultry unit we have had our home and recreational life blighted by continuous odour problems each production cycle. We have been effected to such a degree that we cannot leave doors or windows open in hot weather and left to sweat with no air flow, family gathering have had to be cancelled.
    We have on the request of the Environment agency repeatedly contacted their help line to report odour problems also we have had to appear in court as witnesses where the operator was found guilty to a breach to its operating permit.
    The site expanded in 2007 to produce 152000 broiler chickens and since being prosecuted have operated at 86000 to date we still are affected.
    This request would be to enable the operator to produce 105000 broiler chickens from a current 86000 that still causes us odour problems.
    Wellsyke Lane was not built to carry articulated lorry’s which would be required to both bring in feed and remove finished chickens and empty waste and as the site owner has already constructed 4 bio mass boilers under permissive development this will also require 1 x lorry per week to fill with wood pellets.
    I fear it only a matter of time before an incident occurs with one of these lorry’s and member of the public as this is a regular route for cyclist, horse riders and walkers as well as holiday makers in the summer using the caravan and camping site in this lane.
    As part of previous planning consent a major planting screen was agreed this has never been completed as has been replaced by a single line of conifers.
    Also as the nearest barn would be 30m away from the SSSI site of Moor Farm what damage will be the affect on future enjoyment to our children and grand children?????????????.
    In the submitted planning application it states that the Parish Council fully supports this application I hope that this gives you some indication of the hell this site has caused us since expansion.”


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