Phone box garden under attack!

martin_phonebox _gardenAttack_150But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. Yesterday, on my way into Woodhall Spa I was presented by the horrible sight of blokes in hi-vis gear digging up the tiny garden next to our rejuvenated phone box and defibrillator station.

By the time I got back, the garden had all but disappeared, replaced by a hole in the ground, with one man fishing around in it, observed with interest by four or five colleagues leaning on temporary safety barriers. To judge by the number of vans parked up, I thought this must be a major emergency. A conversation ensued in which I found out that the job was to restore the nearby street light, and I was assured that the garden would be made good once it was done.

Head of KoB phone-box development Martin Briscombe also came out, concerned that nobody in the village had been notified about the work. Later on he had a visit from the power company PR man, who was suitably emollient I gather, explaining that they did not know who they could have alerted. Good point; Parish Council please note?

martin_phonebox _gardenAttack_restore_200Good as their word, the garden has been restored, complete with tubs and log seating, and it will be interesting to see where the spring bulbs will come up, having been expertly planted a few weeks ago by Margaret Dewrance, who looks after this much appreciated feature which brings such a welcome dash of colour, especially in these grey months. (They will be well watered in by now…….)

Incidentally, later on, when I was out posting Christmas cards, I had quite a long chat with the gang from Western Power Distribution, including a demonstration of the fractured underground cable and an exchange of views about town and country planning, defibrillators and the like.

In my book, full marks to the Western Power Distribution gang for good humour, efficiency and good customer relations. Two things do puzzle me though. How does an underground cable get fractured (moles?), and how come the power company serving an East Midlands area is called “Western”?

By the way, this WPD web page has some useful information about power cuts and what to do about them.


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