“A Greeat Stitherum”

“Nah then, Ah’m eble to cum an speeak to tha all on December fost or second. Mebe tha can let me knaw if that’s alreight?” This is how Loretta Rivett replied when the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Adult Education Unit in Horncastle invited her to tell all about her first language, Lincolnshire Dialect.

Well, it was more than alreight, so Loretta will be at QEGS on December 2nd at 8pm to talk about her passion for the old language of Lincolnshire. If you book ahead, entry is £7, or it’s £8 at the door. Full details and contact details here.

“Loretta is the go-to Lincolnshire dialect expert and for all things Lincolnshire. With an excellent education and local background, she is the epitome of a local lass.

Her voice recordings and transcriptions have been stored by both the BBC and the British Library in an attempt to keep the language alive at least in posterity.This is this an exciting opportunity to hear Loretta speaking Lincolnshire as it should be spoken and possibly doing some translations from Tennyson as well!”


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