Planning application for 5 yurts

planning_wordcloud_150The Parish Council has received an application for 5 yurts on land at Beech Cottage, Tattershall Road, each with its own associated amenity block. Having studied the application, councillors are initially concerned about possible issues arising from it, such as parking, impact on neighbours, noise, traffic, waste and wildlife.

To view the application, visit the ELDC website here. 

You are invited to attend the next meeting of the Kirkby on Bain Parish Council to be held at at St Mary’s Church, at which this application will be considered. The meeting is on November 12 and it starts at 7.00 pm. Meanwhile, if you have concerns about the application you can post a comment directly by registering on the ELDC comment page.

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3 thoughts on “Planning application for 5 yurts

  1. We will be registering our objections directly to eldc, based on loss of privacy, noise potential, and additional traffic movements. We will send the Parish Council a copy via Penny. There are other reasons for not using this site as proposed, which are more potential problems for the applicants, rather than us. I will write them down for the PC, as part of the consultation process.

    We will be delighted to attend your meeting on 12 November.


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