Community Defibrillator Training

From Martin Briscombe:

defib_cartoon_150wYou are invited to a free defibrillator training session with Ian Carroll of LIVES, in St Mary’s Church, Kirkby on Bain, Tuesday November 17th 2015 at 7pm.

All are welcome. The session will last about 2 hours. You can find out:

  • About Sudden Cardiac Arrest ( SCA)
  • How to Recognise SCA
  • How to dial 999
  • How to do CPR & why
  • How to use the defibrillator
  • About the recovery position and turning the patient
  • Handing over to a paramedic

defib_martin_cropIf you would like to come along please contact Martin Briscombe: 01526 353258


3 thoughts on “Community Defibrillator Training

  1. Hi Peter Hope you will feel better soon: Margaret said you were a bit under the weather.  Could you let me know if I could post something on the website to thank the ladies for their support for my first event?  I have orders totalling £245.70 which is brilliant.  Penny is doing another event for me for her friends from the bookshop.  The provisional date for that is 10th November and I will be presenting the Christmas gifts then.  Any ladies from the village who missed the first event are welcome to come as long as we know numbers. Thanks  Pauline


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